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Re-inking our cultural heritage
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Re-inking our cultural heritage 1

A relic of our colonial past, the existence of a western attraction in India cannot be denied. It is apparent in the literature we read, the clothes we wear and the language we consider elite and use on a regular basis.

The India of today has the power to influence and exhibit global dominance. With military might, technological brawn, cultural strength, space supremacy, diplomatic prowess, home to the largest youngest population, the new “Silicon Valley”, a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, our country is being considered as an emerging superpower in the world. The time is ripe for Indian polity to take advantage of the world economic scenario. Art, literature, and culture not only serve the purpose of entertainment but also educate, reinforce our beliefs and help in building the economy.

Inkpot aspires to extend the vision of “Make in India” to the cultural sphere to stimulate creative work and bolster the sense of nationalism and pride in Indian art and culture. Indians world over are now admired for their soft power. Knowing this, Inkpot India Conclave is an attempt to re-ink, rebrand and reassert the value of Indian Art and Literature at a time when western fixation is on a rise. India has a rich cultural heritage and it is time the millennial generation embraces it with pride. The arts are as many creative reproductions and reflections of our culture as they are creators of that culture itself.

The Inkpot India Conclave held at the Ambassador Hotel, Khan Market, New Delhi on 18th November 2019 offered cultural ethos, a stunning insight into the historical background and traditional ethos of India. At the event, myriads of writers, artists,  musicians, dancers, journalists, entrepreneurs and thought leaders from across the country exchanged their views on important subjects relating to India.

Inkpot also organizes workshops, competitions, spoken-word events talk-sessions, storytelling, contests thereby engaging students and adults alike throughout the year to encourage interaction with the arts.

“A concerted effort to preserve our heritage is a vital link to our cultural, educational, aesthetic, inspirational and economic legacies – all of the things that quite literally make us who we are.”

Steve Berry

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