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Youth Art and Writing Competition

You know our mission – to make Indian art and culture cool again. Create anything, anything meaning non-fiction or fiction prose (between 1000-1500 words), poetry or its collection, visual art, short film (between 4 to 6 minutes), that resonates with this idea. It could be Indian characters in a short story or film, an essay about something misunderstood in your culture. Let your imagination free, create something that matters to you so that it can matter to others, and most of all, have fun with this.

Mail your work to this address:

In your mailing package on a separate page, please mention your name, age, school, email address, phone number and the name of your project. Please do not mention any identifying information on the work itself.

  • Events 2020

    With Inkpot in the Neighbourhood, our hope is to bridge the gap between the audience and the performer. Everyone has a story to tell and the craft can only be honed through practice and performance. The stage is open for one and all – as much for your perfected pieces as for your imperfect ones. Reach out to us to showcase what you’re all about!

  • Programme Agenda 2019
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